On M1 Junc 24. Airport & rail 10 mins. Nottingham, Derby, Loughborough, Leicester all within half an hour.
    Choice of layouts and choice of rooms. All with natural light and air-conditioning
    Superb facilities but highly competitive rates.
    We'll tailor our approach to ease the organisational burden on meeting leaders & participants
    As seasoned providers - you can rely on us to get it right
    Quality accommodation to complement conference facilities and super value 24 hour rate
    Free high spec wifi. Free leisure: gym, pool, sauna & Jacuzzi
    Conference food menu choices - served to optimise your meeting productivity. On site restaurants too.
    Your communication needs respected. We'll personalise our service to your objectives

Covid 19 sanitised and safe provision of services

Kegworth Hotel has stayed open throughout the covid virus crisis - proving much needed and safe services to key workers. We are now able to ably that to providing sanitised and safe services that are as close to the real deal as is currently feasible. Chose one of the options below to order your services remotely from us. 


  1. Covid 19 "Sanitised Meetings"

    Flexible spaces, extensive choice. At Kegworth Hotel and Conference Centre we are now experienced in providing meetings in a safe way. We comply with the “big things” and tuned with the details of what needs to be done on the day.  We have adapted our offering for conferences, meetings and business spaces to give you safe and comfortable working facilities whilst complying with the current covid-19 directives. More than that, having hosted meetings in this environment, we are now experienced and “real-life situational” problems are anticipated to give a smooth way forward.  


  2. "Sanitised Safe" rooms

    All our rooms comply with OYO “sanitised safe” process. Rooms are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected prior to your stay. Linen is specially cleaned and “rested” for at least seven days before use.  Once a guest leaves the room is again rested for 48 hours, then cleaned / disinfected and freshened.

  3. Food

    For food preparation and serving, we have added processes that intrinsically combat the covid virus to normally high standards of a commercial kitchen. Whilst, we are currently only serving food for “take-out” or “take-in” to your room – we hope as soon as regulations permit to be able to serve food in our lounges, but still compliant with “social distancing” – regulations. Thankfully we have ample lounge space here at Kegworth Hotel and also the availability of private rooms for family dining.

  4. Business Centre and office spaces

    The Est Midlands Business Centre here at OYO Kegworth Hotel and Conference Centre offers you a prestige, safe and flexible space to work from. There is a choice of six separate areas or varying sizes and a private kitchenette. All very reasonably priced. Add to this flexibility of furnishing and ability to let from a minimum of one week – and you can focus on your business truly flourishing here without taking on the extra risk or burden leased or bought office property.    

  5. Studio space and therapy rooms

    Separate to the main areas, within the Loughborough Conference Suite – we have 63 sq m of studio space complete with hygienic, safe and sprung flooring. Attached to this space are two individual therapy rooms  that would suit a host of treatments like physiotherapy, chiropody, podiatry, reflexology, sports treatments and general consultations amongst others. Reasonably priced, yet prestige and with flexible letting terms. and you can focus on your business truly flourishing here without taking on the extra risk or burden leased or bought office property.    

  6. Free wifi for you and your clients / delegates

    At Kegworth Hotel all delegates can get free wifi with a dedicated bandwidth – not cut down or time restricted. 

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